Changing processes

TMS/CMS selection

How can you find the right TMS/CMS?

  • In accordance with your needs, selection criteria and requirements
  • Independent market overview
  • Basis for your decision-making processes for selecting the right system


Your corporate language

  • Make documents and translation memory data available for terminology
  • Merge multiple terminology sources
  • Consolidate old data sources that are full of synonyms and make these available

Machine translation

Are your texts suitable?

  • Examination of your data basis
  • Test runs and evaluation of the MT quality
  • Assessment of the savings potential regarding costs and time
  • Integration of machine translation in your process landscape


How do you find the right service provider?

  • Requisite basic information for the candidates
  • Requirements for future service providers
  • Models for comparable price structures
  • Possible selection processes

For us, consultation does not start with a quote. First and foremost we listen to you closely. This is because the areas that are important to you, are just as interesting to us. After all, the end result should be smooth processes and perfect results. You tell us what you need and we will compile everything that is required. With our experience and partners, we can do this efficiently and directly, always with a view to the relevant norms and standards.

You decide how this should take shape – whether you would like to actively work on a topic in a workshop with your colleagues, have the groundwork prepared for a decision, or are just looking for a starting point. We can offer you what you need.