Certified selection process

  • Selection process in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17100
  • Test translations and live testing
  • Native speaker principle and vendor assessment in every single project
  • Regular checks

Translation systems

  • All systems common in the market
  • Customer specifications are definitive
  • Interfaces to beo in-house systems


  • Extraction of terminology candidates from each new source text
  • Translations as per corporate language specifications
  • Consistency checks
  • Customer approval

QA and customer review

  • Partly automated QA processes
  • Revision as per customer order
  • Evaluation in compliance with SAE J2450
  • Management of customer reviews via beoSphere

At beo, qualified specialist translators, working exclusively in their native language, create your corporate language for all markets. In order to cover the whole spectrum of languages, subject areas and styles according to your wishes and specifications, we have established cooperation with freelance specialists who work for us as regular suppliers over many years. As a result, we can also select suitable regular translators for your texts.