Social responsibility is not just a matter for individuals – companies and institutions with a public presence should play their part too: at least that is how we see it.

Our social engagement is naturally most visible where professional and social aspects meet. Our commitment to the area of open-source software is a particular example of this, where our main focus of support is the open-source project „openTM2“. On the one hand, we benefit from this but on the other, we also hope that it will benefit the industry as a whole.

In addition to this, beo employees and members of the management team have voluntary roles in professional committees and associations, including Transforum, „Deutscher Terminologie-Tag e.V.“ (German Terminology Association), the „Globalization and Localization Association“, „Arbeitskreis Wissensmanagement“ (Knowledge Management Working Group), etc.

We also take responsibility for the community in the Kinderschutzbund (Child Protection Association), the Lebenshilfe Stuttgart disability support association and through the personal involvement of our employees in many social projects, which spurs us all on to do the same.