We are beo

…where a love of language and technology meets creativity, careful reflection and a passion for regulation. This melting pot means that we are ideally placed to bring together extremely diverse characters, perspectives and skills in demanding translation projects.
…a laboratory for developing and exploiting the potential offered by technology, with software tools that we have developed in-house or with colleagues and that we tailor to the needs of others – for our clients and partners.
…a certified service provider who puts rules in place when they are useful but who also has the flexibility to break and bypass them if necessary.

beo staff: quality produced by expertise
When it comes to translating industry-specific content into another language with clarity and style, you need to be able to depend on us to translate your content in a way that fits your target audience. This requires a great deal of trust, which we repay to you in kind with the expertise and meticulous attention of our entire team.

beo IT: technology and language
Tailor-made technology such as beoSphere supports your work and ours.
Our portals are web-based interfaces with round-the-clock availability that make use of the latest translation and editing applications. That is true IT support.

beo quality criteria: consistency based on regulations and standards
We use international open standards such as XLIFF, TMX, TBX and SRX. Compliance with key standards such as ISO 9001:2008 and SAE J 2450 is a matter of course for us. We can also formulate our processes in line with ISO 17100 on request.