Company history

2017 beo is changing: post-bureaucratic working
Expansion of beoSphere: vendor management
Introduction of a portal solution for application management
2016 beo Academy: roll-out of the Project Management module for all locations
2015 Establishment of beo doc UK Ltd. in Sheffield – our first subsidiary outside of Germany
Berlin subsidiary closes
2014 Establishment of the beo Academy: Training at beo becomes professional
(concept in collaboration with Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University – DHBW)
Research partnership as part of the Elotis project at DHBW
2013 Machine translation: beo’s ‚engine‘ is produced in cooperation with other partners and goes live
2012 Portal solution goes online: beoSphere
Software Development team becomes its own department
2011 Automated quality assurance as part of standard operations (beo SNC)
Involvement in national and international standards
2010 Cooperation with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and partners in Berlin and Munich to develop tools in AI (taraXÜ project)
Start of dual study programme with the Computer Science department at DHBW in Horb
2009 Establishment of the Bonn subsidiary
Shareholding in Osborne Translation Services Ltd. in Sheffield to train English-language translators
TM2 becomes openTM2, beo is a member of the steering committee
2008 Vendor evaluation introduced as QA tool
2007 Online QA checks in accordance with J2450 with report output
Term extraction becomes standard across beo
Trainee programme starts for translators (Spanish, French, Italian, English)
Start of dual study programme with the Service Management department at DHBW in Stuttgart
2006 beo is co-founder of the OpenTMS open-source initiative
Client portal – module for approving texts and terminology
2005 Introduction of the beo vendor portal
Establishment of subsidiaries in Hamburg and Munich
Fifth prize in the StartUp competition organised by the Sparkassen Baden-Württemberg banks
Introduction of knowledge management, knowledge survey, etc.
2004 Introduction of the first version of our fully automated job system beoDATA
beo becomes ISO 9001 certified
Start of training for the first office communications assistants
2003 Where it all began – a total of nine founding members made a brave new start in the hot summer